When you have a rental property to rent out, create a rental property virtual tour to help find the perfect tenants. When you use a rental property virtual tour company, you'll get a professional cover photo that entices prospective tenants to click through to watch the tour. The tour is created by our professional photographers to show your rental home in the best light.

Rental Property Virtual Tour Photographer

In these technological times, many people shop online before entering a store or venue. Eighty-one percent of tenants in the United States use virtual tours when they are looking for a rental property. Only 15 percent actually tour the property in person. This means that you want a tour photographer who is able to show the world what you have in a professional manner. The photographer must also capture your rental property in such a way to make it stand out from other rental properties.

With a virtual tour, you have a 24-hour open house accessible to anyone with an internet connection. If a prospective tenant likes what he or she sees, all that person has to do is click on the link to set up an appointment to see the property in person.

Virtual Tours for Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals also use virtual tours to show off their properties. This is especially handy for those trying to figure out just where they want to vacation. Chances are, that person is thousands of miles away and cannot see the property in person. And, since the potential renter doesn't want to ruin a vacation, he or she is more apt to use a vacation rental virtual tour to find the best place to stay.

Using a professional photographer for cover photos and a virtual tour of the inside and outside of the property helps those that are some distance away choose their perfect vacation rental property. Our photographers will make your property stand out so that prospective vacationers will want to choose your rental for their perfect vacation.

In addition to being able to view the room or suite, vacationers are able to see the amenities and the layout of the home, room or suite they choose to stay in.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for our photographers to create a virtual tour of your vacation rental beach house or mountain house.

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